Caught in a Mash Guest Pack

£30.00 Inc. VAT

Crowler fill from the taproom. Purged with CO2, these cans are not designed to age beer in, should be kept in the fridge and consumed within 14 days of the fill date.

Produced specifically for Ascension Cider on Caught in A Mash Wednesday 14th April.

These will be sent out in the new 12 cell boxes (the eight cell ones are still out of stock with our suppliers) so add four more beers if you want to.


Out of stock


1 x Ascension Kveik Russet 330ml (8.3%)

1 x Eclosion Russet 330ml  (8.3%)

1 x Hide In The Sky Sour Redcurrant Cider (3.8%)

+ 5 Tom’s Tap Beers



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