Sunday 23rd May 2-6pm. Sean’s Birthday  Come and buy the old git a drink. Food vendor TBC. 

Monday 24th May. 2-8pm. Hospitality workers day. Priority given to hospitality workers to come in and kick back and relax for a few hours. No food vendor booked by you’re welcome to bring a picnic or order in a takeaway.

Thursday 27th May: 8pm Middle Unit: Cheese and Beer matching night. Tickets only in advance from here but if you’d prefer to join in remotely you need an online ticket from here (you can choose double cheese if you prefer).  

Saturday 29th May: 8pm Tom’s Tap Quiz. An evening with quizmaster extraordinaire Mr Phill Thorne.

You’ll need  a smartphone to play, takes about two hours. This will be held in our middle unit and you won’t be able to play simultaneously online. £4 per person, teams of up to six but be prepared to share a table (subject to govt regulations). Buy your own drinks between rounds. Tickets here