So, the question I’ve been asked most in the last couple of weeks is “when’s your own stuff going to be ready”.

We’ve had a couple of delays, mainly caused by issues with cooling and the kegs not turning up as early as anticipated but, I’m happy to say that we’ve kegged three kegs of our Red Rye which are carbonating away in the cold room and should be ready by the weekend.

When the rest of the kegs turn up on Friday, I’ll be able to keg the balance of that fermenter as well as the other two which contain a transpacific pale ale (hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Dr Rudi in the kettle and Eukanot and Simcoe in the fermenter) and Primordial Süp, respectively.

For those of you who don’t know, Primordial Süp is the session IPA brewed in conjunction with Primordial Radio, an internet based premium rock and metal station. I’d previously designed the recipe whilst at Pig and Porter but we have permission to produce it under licence.  It’s 4.4% and is hopped with Ahtanum, Eukabnot and Zythos.

Both of these beers will take a further week to carbonate and so will be on the bar next weekend.

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