We’ve been quite overwhelmed with the number of good wishes since the news broke last week. Thank you so much, we’re really looking forward to meeting new friends (and welcoming old ones) to Tom’s.

We’ve also been asked a number of questions which has prompted us to release a FAQ.

Will you continue to have live music?

Absolutely. We love live music. Jacqui is a semi-professional saxophonist and we might even be able to persuade her to play on Sunday lunchtimes. We will also be honouring all the gigs Michelle booked.

What’s happening with Pig and Porter?

Robin will continue to lead the team at Pig and Porter, more on their blog here

Will you be brewing beer in cask?

Initially cask will only be available in the taproom. As we get to know the kit and the pubs we’d like to sell our cask we may choose send some cask out but most of the beer destined for outside the taproom will be in keg.

What will happen to Primordial Süp?

Good news, Süp will be brewed both at Pig and Porter and Tom’s Tap and Brewhouse. Pig and Porter will brew for keg whereas Tom’s Tap and Brewhouse will brew for bottle, minikeg and consumption in the taproom.

Will you continue to do outside bars?

Depending on availability and staffing, yes, we will.

Will you be doing cooked food?

Not an easy one to answer, the taproom kitchen doesn’t really lend itself to cooked food. However cheese and meat platters look doable and there’s always the option of a barbecue outside in the summer.

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