The nights are drawing in, the days are getting colder and the brewery side of the business is getting busier. We’re now starting to get some of our beers outside the immediate environs of the taproom. You may have noticed this article floating around the interwebs; we’re experiencing quite a bit of demand for Mighty Stout as a result of this publicity.

We need to up the amount of work we do in the brewery and need to fit in extra brewing and packaging time as Christmas approaches. We can’t brew and have the taproom open at the same time for fairly obvious Health and Safety reasons. When we package, we need to be able to dedicate that time to packaging be that bottle, minikeg, keg or cask. So, for that reason we’ve decided to change our opening hours for the winter period.

We’re now going to open at 5pm on Friday instead of midday. Friday afternoons have always been the least busy sessions of the week for us so it makes sense to be able to fit in an extra brewday or racking session in that time.

We’re hoping, in time, to expand the brewery side of the business which will enable us to increase the amount and variety of the beer we produce as well as make some modifications to the bar. We hope to make an announcement about that in due course.

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