Visitors to the Tap will have noticed the Everyone Welcome initiative wording in our menus and also displayed in the bar itself.

The wording can be found at the Everyone Welcome Initiative Website

I’m not going to repeat it verbatim here, instead I’m going to talk about why it matters to us. Today, coincidentally, is the 11th anniversary of the death of Sophie Lancaster a girl kicked to death for being different. If you’re not familiar with her story I urge you to read the website but also on how the Sophie Lancaster Foundation creates respect for and understanding of subcultures in our community.

Sophie’s story is a sad reminder of what can happen when “derogatory comments” or discrimination are allowed to grow. We feel it is vitally important to be clear where we stand on discrimination which is why we signed up to the Everyone Welcome Initiative at its launch in Manchester in July.

Be kind to each other, people.

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