We’ve had feedback from a few of our customers that they’d actually prefer the convenience of a direct debit system for our subscription boxes. So we thought we’d look into it with our website elf.

The first thing we found is that the plug ins to make direct debit software work with woocommerce cost between £60 and £200 a year in addition to the per transaction fees which, in these times, we decided wasn’t worth it. So we decided to look at a workaround.

The limitations are that it only works on Paypal, not Stripe (our card payment provider) and it can’t distinguish between local and national customers so, if you live in our local delivery area (Crewe, Nantwich, Sandbach, Middlewich and the ST7 postcode area) or you want to pay by (card) Stripe you should email us on tomstapandbrew@gmail.com

We also have the option to buy a one off subscription box with whatever is going out that week. You can click “add to basket” and the system will charge you £30 plus £8.50 delivery charge.

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