Hello again.

Along with practically every other licensed premises in the country we’ve had a lot of enquiries asking us what our plans are for opening so we thought we’d scribble a few notes to let you know what we have planned.

The first thing to say is that, we don’t even know if the roadmap described a few weeks ago is going to continue as originally described. The one thing this past year has taught us is not to make too many concrete plans; that being said, we do have the following tentative goals in place.

Thursday 15th April

Opening the #Beeryard and #Marqueebo. By taking 50% of the walls off the Marqueebo (if you’re wondering about the nomenclature – it’s too big to be a gazebo and too small to be a marquee) it counts as an open space (under the clean air act) whilst still leaving some cover. This is, after all, Crewe in April. We’ll also have six uncovered tables.

We have no plans to introduce any booking system for these seats. We will remain card only for the time being and will obviously have table service in place. We have invested in a new till system which will automate tabs as well as offering a new table to service facility which means you will be able to order and pay from your phone if you prefer.

Both toilets will be open to access from outside.

Click and collect services will resume and deliveries will continue but both will have the earlier cut off for ordering of 2pm. We are anticipating our opening hours will be the same as they were last summer:

Thursday 4-7pm

Friday & Saturday 3-9pm

Sunday 2-6pm

May 17th Onwards

At this point, all things being equal, we’ll open up the inside with the middle unit having the same bookable tables as before (i.e. 2 hour slots on Fridays and Saturdays only) with space for walk-ins in the main bar. Table service will continue across the whole site. The toilet in unit 5 (middle unit) will become the one for inside customers and the one in the main bar (unit 4) will be for outside.

There will be a one way system in place with the entrance being the main bar and the exit being the small door in unit 5.

As we write this we are aware through social media that the C-19 check in app and its manual back up will be required (although this requirement doesn’t apply to shops, apparently). Expect a further update on this in due course.

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