As you may have seen from our socials, we’re hosting a get together for our Primordial Radio Family on Saturday. We’re expecting to be very busy and, while we expect we’ll be able to fit you all in but, some things will be a bit different from usual. 

We have had more than 200 people on site before, but that was in the summer so please manage your expectations. There’ll be seats for around 40 people in the middle unit, around 20 in the main bar another, about 30 in the (heated) marqueebo and about 30 on the outside tables. The rest of it will be standing room. We have blankets and hot water bottles if you need them, just ask.

Here’s the things you can do to help things run smoothly. 

  • When you’ve got your drink, please move away from the bar so we can serve the person behind you. 
  • Bring your empties back to the steel table to the right of the bar. 
  • Please don’t move the furniture, particularly in the middle unit. We’re going to set it out so we can get as many folks seated as possible. 
  • Be prepared to share tables with folks you don’t necessarily know, they don’t bite, I promise.
  • We’re going to make sure there are plenty of hand towels and loo rolls in the loos but let us know if they’re running low and we’ll top them up. 

We will have limited menus to help us serve you as quickly as possible. 

Cocktails. Our usual cocktail menu will not be available. Instead we will have daiquiris available in strawberry, raspberry, passionfruit and Mango if the puree turns up in time. 

Take away cans. We think we will be very unlikely to be able to do takeaway can orders. If you know you’ll want some, drop us an email on Friday and we’ll do them Friday night for you to collect on Saturday

Alcohol Free, we have a full range of alcohol free beers from Mash Gang, as well as soft drinks, tea and coffee. 

We have two white wines and one red wine. All work out cheaper by the bottle than the glass. We’ve got some sparkling wine left over from New Year available by the bottle only. 

Ciders. We have some really high end 750ml sharing bottles of cider available from £12 each. 

Food. The Sunshine Street Food Company will be serving from about 3pm. Martin takes cash and card. We also take both at the bar. 

Taxis. Those of you who have been before know that getting a cab back to a hotel in Crewe at closing time isn’t always easy. It’s got better since lockdown but you’re still better off booking in advance if you can. We find A Star 01270 588886 and My Cab 01270 665544 to be the most reliable.

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