Punk music has always been a powerful force, a rebellious expression of raw energy and unapologetic attitude. It’s a genre that has continuously evolved and diversified, bringing together different styles and perspectives. Tom’s Tap and Brewhouse is set to host an unforgettable night of punk music, featuring three remarkable bands that are bound to make an impact. Brace yourselves for an evening filled with fast-paced rhythms, thought-provoking lyrics, and an electric atmosphere as Eden Will Riot, The White Ribbons, and The Mad Badgers take the stage!

All profits from the evening are going to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation: a lasting legacy to a beautiful life cut short by violence. The charity works to promote tolerance and acceptance for others, and champions alternative people in our communities. The Foundation’s mission: to stamp out prejudice hatred and intolerance everywhere.

Eden Will Riot, are an all-female punk band, who draw inspiration from the influential Riot grrrl movement that emerged in the 1990s. Their music channels the power and energy of their predecessors, while infusing it with their unique modern twist. But don’t be fooled by their high-octane sound; Eden Will Riot’s lyrics carry a thought-provoking depth, tackling social issues and personal struggles. Their performance promises to be an empowering experience, reminding us that music can be a platform for change.

Hailing from Manchester, The White Ribbons are a four-piece power pop punk band that has dedicated their music to support the White Ribbon Charity: an organisation that actively works to end male violence against women. The band’s energetic performances and infectious melodies will keep you on your feet throughout the night. Their presence serves as a rallying cry, a call to stand up against gender-based violence.

The Mad Badgers, a three-piece Ska Punk band hailing from the Midlands, will add their own unique flavour to the evening. Blending the upbeat sounds of ska with the rebellious spirit of punk, they create a sonic fusion that is impossible to resist. The Mad Badgers are known for their infectious energy and lively performances that will have you skanking and moshing in no time.

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