Morning everyone. We’re really pleased to be able to reveal to you that Tom’s Tap and Brewhouse has been awarded Cider Pub of the Year by South Cheshire Camra. It’s great news for us but fantastic news for Crewe coming hot on the heels of our good neighbours the Borough Arms winning Pub of the Year.

It’s lovely to have recognition for our cider selection; as a cider drinker Jacqui was always disappointed by the offerings in the taprooms I dragged her to when I was travelling around the country and vowed that, when we got our own place, we’d not treat cider as an afterthought but rather, give it equal billing on the menu.

As well as 18 taps of beer, we’ve also got 16 draft ciders, five on keg and 11 in Bag in Box. Since the arrival of our display fridge we’ve also added a lot of cider in bottles and cans from Ross on Wye and Ascension. We’ll be taking delivery of another fridge in the next week or two so we’ll be able to offer a dedicated cider fridge thus expanding our range further.

It’s a fantastic time to be a cider drinker; the industry feels a lot to me like craft beer did in 2012 and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it were to enjoy a boom in the next few years with the plethora of sharing bottles, blends, barrel aged offerings and ciders fermented with different yeasts available throughout the UK.

We thought the best way to celebrate would be to grab a keg of Ross on Wye 2019 Raison d’Etre which we’ll be launching next Thursday 2nd September but we’d like to invite you all along to the Presentation on Saturday 23rd September at 6pm. I’m told Jacqui will be preparing a “light buffet” so probably best not to eat first.

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