Happy New Year to you all from Tier 4. I must admit we’re weren’t terribly prepared for entry into T4 but who was? Having read the guidance I was quite surprised to learn that for us it makes no difference at all whether we are in T2 or T4 we are still allowed to open for takeouts, click and collect and deliveries.

So here’s how it is going to work.

“Just Rock Up” Takeaways

We will operate a one in-one out service. You’ll come in via the main doors and place your order. If these are “crowler fills” you’ll have to wait while we pour and seam them. If these are from our can conditioned range you can pick up pay and go. As ever you can pay via the website or at the time of pick up. A reminder that we are card only.

Click and Collect

If you know what you want the best bet is to click and collect; again order via website or email your order in. If you would prefer to collect in car just let us know when you order and we will give you a telephone number to call when you arrive.

Local Deliveries

Deliveries are going to operate slightly differently than before as we’re going to have an early and late delivery run. The early run will be between 3 and 4pm, with the later run happening after we close the shop at 6pm.

We will still be delivering to the same areas, including ST7 on Thursdays, but we will only be delivering Thursday to Saturday as this is when the vast majority of our orders arrive.

National Deliveries

These will continue as they are, i.e. any order placed before 1pm Monday – Thursday will be dispatched that day.

New Cans

As we mentioned above we now have a collection of “conditioned cans” on the webshop. You might be wondering what on earth they are. Wonder no more; can conditioned beer is the same as bottled conditioned beer. A secondary fermentation takes place in the can meaning the packaged product has a longer life than our crowler fills which have 14 days. We’re currently putting 6 months on our pale beers and an longer on the darker and stronger ones.

We currently have five different beers available with Mighty Stout and Dry Hopped Lager to follow in the next couple of weeks. I’m not planning to brew any new beers just yet but, when we do, the bulk of them will go into cans rather than kegs.

We have some new projects in the pipeline which we will be revealing a bit nearer the time, can’t talk about them now, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials.


Sean & Jacqui

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