Nexus-9 is the latest artist to exhibit his work at Tom’s Tap. He is an innovative digital artist and DJ pushing the boundaries of creative expression. Through his unique artwork, he aims to provoke deep thought and challenge conventional wisdom.

As a visual artist, Nexus-9 creates imaginative digital paintings and animations that combine dark, surreal imagery with complex themes and symbolism. His works explore the darker sides of technology, humanity, and existence, often depicting dystopian or post-apocalyptic visions. While unsettling, his art reflects a refusal to accept simplistic or superficial portrayals of the world.

In addition to his visual creations, Nexus-9 is an accomplished DJ and producer. His musical sets span multiple genres, including techno, industrial, EBM, and experimental bass music. Just as his visual artworks reject creative constraints, his DJ mixes and original tracks demonstrate a disregard for stylistic limitations. Nexus-9 seamlessly blends genres, eras, and cultures to forge arresting sonic landscapes.

At its core, Nexus-9’s boundary-pushing work across artistic mediums challenges listeners and viewers to dig deeper. By crafting immersive experiences that engage both hearts and minds, he aims to push past surface-level thinking and easy answers. Nexus-9’s creations may unsettle, but they also invite audiences to join him on an imaginative journey to unexplored places.

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