You lucky, lucky people.

Not only do we have FIVE, count ‘em, five Elusive Brewing beers for you, but we have one of the most sought-after releases of the year. Because Andy is a very good friend, and because I got in quickly, we have Destination IPA, a collab with the two best brewers in the country (in my humble, but correct, opinion) to celebrate Andy’s 50th birthday.

There are very few kegs of this out in the wild do DO NOT HANG AROUND

We also have a beer in cask. I want to serve beer on cask but, I’m fussy, and it has got to be right or it’s not worth doing. So we have set up the trailer bar to serve cask this week (some of you will remember that we trialled this last year).  

Now this is where you come in. If we sell the cask out this week, it proves to me that we can sell cask beer and I’ll put another cask on for next week. If we can’t, I’ll end up throwing half of it away on Sunday night and we won’t bother again.

So, my friends, it is in your hands. Now please come and drink all of this lovely cask. I suppose I ought to tell you what it is, it’s called Macaroni Ted and it is a collab between two more of my favourite breweries, Elusive and Ossett.  It’s a West Coast IPA at 5.2%.

The trailer bar will be a bit warmer than our keg bar so we’ll be serving about 10 degrees C, perfect for Cask and, a barrel aged stout in my view. If you like it a bit warmer you can leave it a bit and it’ll warm up.

The full line up for the take over is as follows:

  • Tap 9 Elusive x Kernel x Burning Sky – Destination IPA 6.5%
  • Tap 10 Elusive Lord Nelson Farmhouse Ale 6.8%
  • Tap 11 Elusive Korben Citra Pilsner 4.5%
  • Tap 24 (Trailer Bar) Ossett x Elusive Macaroni Ted 5.2% CASK
  • Tap 25 (Trailer Bar) Elusive x Emperors Barrel Aged Imperial Morrisman 10%

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