I’ve know Drew Harris for what must be getting on for seven years or so now. He worked at my local craft beer shop in Canterbury, later became my son’s boss then went to work for Time and Tide in East Kent before landing in Faversham-based Boutilliers last year.

I had time to sit down and have a chat with Drew (and Phil and Rich) on a rare visit back to Kent last week while we brewed a Green Hop Saison collaboration, which will be on the bar at Tom’s in a few weeks. Talking inevitably leads to trying beers and Drew brought out a bottle he called “Jam Sandwich” from the cold room.

Turns out that this beer is a pale ale brewed with left over sourdough bread from the bakery next door to the brewery together with some Olicana (an English hop) and “dry hopped” with a fruit tea.

When Drew tells me about these new beers it always reminds me of the famous Bob Newhart sketch, “Tobacco” in which Newhart has an imaginary telephone call with Sir Walter “Nutty Walt” Raleigh.

I tasted the beer and have to report that it is very pleasant indeed with big jammy raspberry goodness. It’s going on tonight, I don’t expect it to last the weekend so pop down and try it out.

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