During the past few weeks it has been impossible to avoid news of Covid-19. Our customers have been fantastic with their support as ever and we would like to reassure you that in the coming weeks we will be remaining open during our normal hours unless instructed to close by the Government.

We already require staff to take regular handwashing breaks and regularly check the toilets for cleanliness. These actions will be stepped up and we will be sanitising door handles, taps and flushes regularly throughout the shift.

As a brewery we have access to cleaning and sanitising chemicals used regularly in the brewing process designed to prevent cross infection in the brewhouse so we have more than adequate supplies.

What you can do:

If you feel unwell we would ask you to consider delaying your visit; we have a wide variety of customers young and old who use the taproom and their immune systems might not be as good as yours. You’ll still be able to get beer and cider (see below)

Please wash your hands upon entry and then regularly (for at least 20 seconds at a time) as per NHS guidelines.

If you want to, you can bring dirty glassware back to the cleaning station but please don’t touch the rim of the glass.

Remember that looking after your health means your mental health as well as physical health. We have always prided ourselves on providing a safe and welcoming environment and the current situation only serves to reinforce that. We will continue to do so as long as we are allowed to remain open.

Take-outs and deliveries

From Tuesday 17th March we will be able to supply draught beer and cider in new tamper evident two pint containers that you may order and pay for to collect from the bar.

For a limited time, we will also be offering a free delivery service to Crewe residents with a minimum order of two containers, cashless payment only.

Please note that we will need to see proof of ID to comply with alcohol licensing regulations. We can deliver every day except Mondays between 2pm and 6pm. Contact us via email or text/phone 07814 724064 to arrange delivery.

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