We’re pleased to announce a closer working with our good friend Phil from Otters Tears in Burslem. Phil has conducted tastings at the taproom and the off sales generated from that have always gone down well. We decided to build on that so that folk who can’t get over to Burslem can benefit from Phil’s extensive beer range.

For those of you who don’t have Facebook, we’ve copied and pasted the FAQ below and remember we both have 4 degree cold storage on site to keep your purchases fresh.

How will it work? – The plan is that I will deliver orders perhaps every two weeks to the tap, maybe more often if there is demand.

How do I order and pay? – Order from our website as normal (link to follow) when you get to checkout (you won’t see the option until then) you will see a check-box to select collect in-store. At this point there will be a drop down menu to collect from Otter’s Tears or Tom’s Tap, delivery will then default to free.

When can I collect? – Collection can be made during Tom’s Taps normal bar opening hours unless via prior agreement with Sean & Jacqui.
I will send email notifications to confirm when your orders are in ready to collect.

Why is there a £30 minimum order value? – I have to have this in place to avoid shipping empty boxes with couriers. I doubt it will be a big issue, but if need be message me (Phil via Otter’s Tears) and I’ll see if I can help.

Is everything online? – No, not always as sometimes stock levels don’t allow it. However if you see me post something and want it saving to add to an order, drop me a message & if I can help I will.

Obviously this is a joint venture and by offering this as a service, we need you guys to support Tom’s Tap too, which if this is relevant to you, I guess you do already. But if you choose to use this, please be sure to visit regularly, follow them & drink their tasty beer.

Just to clarify, if you’re not a Tom’s Tap customer currently, it doesn’t stop you becoming one…🍻

The delivery option is live now, with the first delivery planned sometime week commencing 9th March.


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