We’ve had a number of enquiries about our plans for opening after 19th July. As we have done throughout the pandemic we have taken time to think about and discuss amongst ourselves what we believe to be the best way forward. Here are the main points and thinking behind them.

Signing Into The Venue

We will continue to display the QR code for people who want to sign in. It is encouraged but no longer mandatory so we will not be taking contact details manually after 19th July.

Table Service

The vast majority of our regulars prefer table service whether they order via a human or via our Goodeats ordering system so we have decided that we will keep this in place. If you’re struggling to locate a member of staff and you can’t, for whatever reason, use Goodeats it is ok to come and place an order from the bar. Please remember the table number you are seated at, we will take your order and bring it to you. Please note that we process the orders in which they come through the till so, if there is a pile of orders being processed, don’t expect to jump the queue. Once more for clarity, whilst you may place an order at the bar, you must leave the bar once your order is taken.


We will remain card only for the forseeable future. This isn’t particularly a covid measure, it’s more to do with the cost of cash handling and the security required to protect cash on and off the premises.

Outside Tables

There will be no limit to the number of seats to a table. In reality it isn’t practical to seat more than eight around a table anyway. There is no requirement to wear a mask.


We are leaving the partitions up for now but there is no need to wear a mask. Limit of five per table (simply because it is difficult to get more than five seats round it anyway). A reminder that we don’t allow smoking in the Marqueebo.

Inside Tables

Our first duty is to our staff, some of whom haven’t had both doses of a vaccine. Then we need to consider our vulnerable customers. In order to protect both we are remaining with most of our current measures, i.e. Mask when standing, screens in place, one way system in place, no moving of furniture. However movement between tables is ok as long as no tables/chairs are moved and masks are worn when standing (exemptions notwithstanding).

We hope this makes sense and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Sean and Jacqui.

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