We’ve been rather blown away by all your interest in our reopening details with our email and social media channels getting daily enquiries. We know you’re all very excited to get back to a semblance of normality. We’re also hoping the weather will play ball so we can get back to doing what we do best at Tom’s; chilled out but safe hospitality drinking great beers and ciders.

Those of you who drank at Tom’s last year will know that we took the guidance very seriously indeed and worked hard to make sure it remained that safe place we’ve been known for so it should come as no surprise that we will be following the same principles this time round. So here’s a brief guide about what to expect when we reopen on Thursday.

Opening hours:

Thursday 4-7pm

Friday and Saturday 3-9pm

Sunday 2-6pm

Do we need to book?

No, all outdoor seating will be provided on a first come first served basis. When we open indoors in May, the middle unit tables will be bookable on a deposit basis like they were last year.

Checking In

Every member of every party will be required to either scan the QR code upon entry or give contact details if your phone won’t load the software. You must wait at the entrance and not go to the table, even if your mates beckon you in. This is a government requirement which carries a £1000 fine for non compliance. We do not care if you disagree with the principle or the app, our staff have the task of implementing these regulations which they do professionally and we expect courtesy from our customers in return.

Ordering Drinks

A reminder that we are card only and table service only. There is no cash kept on the premises and no reason to come to the bar. We have new till software and have an “Order To Table” service provided as part of that. Each table will have QR code on it which you can scan to access a menu from which you can order, and now pay for, your drinks. For those who do not want to do this our bar staff can come and take an order for the table at which you are sitting which can then be split at the end of your stay.

Limited Menu

Please bear with us whilst we get our stock levels up to where they were six months ago. One of the problems with effectively closing for six months is that a lot of our stock has gone out of date so whilst we have plenty of beer, cider and white wine, our soft drinks, mixers, snacks and cocktail ingredients have all had to be replaced. We should get back to full strength in a couple of weeks but just to let you know there will be no cocktails this weekend.

Social Distancing

A reminder that you are still required to socially distance within the “rule of six” so our tables will be spaced accordingly. It is important that you do not move between the tables other than, obviously, to go to the toilets where you will need a mask because it is inside. Please don’t move the tables as they have been spaced out to meet social distancing requirements and we can be fined if we don’t meet them. If you are bringing dogs please make sure they remain on a lead, if you have children please make sure they don’t run around.

Deliveries , Click and Collect & Take Outs

We will continue to be offering deliveries (in fact we expect not to stop doing a delivery service as long as there is a demand for it) but, because the bar opens at 3pm on Friday/ Saturday, we will be bringing forward the cut off time from 3pm to 2pm. This will give us time to process the orders and pour the beers before we open the bar. Similarly click and collect cut offs will also be 2pm.

If you want crowler fill take outs to take home with you, please order these via the table service or your staff member 15 minutes before you are ready to leave. We can do “just rock up” take outs but please be aware that they take time and, if we’re busy, we’ll be focusing on serving the customers we already have in.

Most importantly enjoy yourself and be kind to your fellow drinkers and our staff.

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