Mary Shepperson paints in oils and watercolours in a range of styles. She tends to favour darker or unusual subjects. Mary was forced into portraiture by being selected for the Sky Arts TV show Portrait Artist of the Year in 2021 (episode 7) and has since completed several portrait commissions. Generally, she paints for fun and to fill her own house with pictures intended to unsettle visitors.

Mary grew up in Crewe and moved back here in 2017. She now plays football for Crewe FC ladies, who play and train next to Tom’s Tap, after becoming too broken to play rugby anymore. Professionally, Mary is an archaeologist who excavates mostly in the Middle East, which has influenced some of her art. She is now a lecturer at the University of Liverpool, inexplicably teaching architectural and urban heritage in the School of Architecture.

Mary’s art is on display in Unit 5 and is for sale directly from the artist

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