Ana is a self-taught artist from Barcelona, living in Crewe for the last 8 years. Ana said as a child, she  loved drawing and painting but as adulthood took its toll, art became a mere mention on questionnaires when they asked about hobbies. 

“In January 2020,  I was determined to reconnect with my artistic soul” said Ana, “and I treated myself to a box of pastel colours as a New Year’s resolution. Just as the world went into lockdown, it presented me with an unexpected gift—precious time to rediscover my passion. Those pastels became my gateway back to creativity. Eager to share my newfound passion, I started posting my artwork on social media and this led to commissioned portraits and sales of my original art. From that moment on, I have never stopped drawing!”

Ana’s work is characterised by the presence of female portraits and the use of non-conventional materials such as wood or cardboard. While pastel colours, coloured pencils, and graphite have been her faithful companions, She recently embarked on a new adventure—watercolours; and is working on honing her skills with brushes!

If you’d like to connect with Ana or explore her artistic universe, you can find her on Instagram @anabixuart. In Ana’s own words “join me on this colourful journey!”


For the price of a pint, a mere £5, you can contribute to the growth and development of Ana’s  artistic journey. Your generous donation will not only support her  art but also give you a chance to win an A4 personalised portrait created just for you!

How it works: Each 5-pound donation automatically enters you into a raffle for a chance to win a personalised A4 portrait. The winner will be randomly selected from the raffle pool, and Ana will create a portrait based on the subject of your choice. The winner will be contacted directly and will receive their one-of-a-kind artwork delivered at Tom’s Tap and Brewhouse

Cheers to creativity, generosity, and the magic of art!