Jacqui and I generally only get one day off a week. We’re not complaining, we knew this would be the case when we opened Tom’s. However one of the major frustrations was so many other pubs being closed on a Monday when we wanted to go out for a pint. It occurred to use that others in the hospitality industry might have been feeling the same way, so we’ve decided to open the taproom on one Monday a month exclusively for staff from restaurants, pubs and breweries to come and have a pint and chill out.

It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a while and, given the events of the last year, we feel is more important than ever to make an effort to do it this year. This is how it is going to work; on Monday 28th June we’ll be open from 2pm to 8pm and we need you to write to us at tomstapandbrew@gmail.com to let us know who you work for, how many people you’re bringing with you and what time you’re coming. We will then take your contact number. It’s not limited to staff from Crewe but we need to know that you’re coming, you can’t “just rock up” because we have to organise staffing.

The usual rules apply, card payments only, we need everyone to scan in, rule of six etc. There’ll be no food but plenty of opportunity to order in a takeaway or bring a picnic.

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