We’re always keen to listen to our customers and we’ve had a few queries about our opening hours now things are starting to get back to normal. Initially we were reluctant to change the opening hours because folk have got used to them but we think it is time to make a small adjustment so from this week we will be changing our hours on Friday and Saturday.

Additionally we are removing the requirement to have a deposit to book tables in the middle unit. We initially introduced this to deter no shows but we’ve never really had a problem and now that the vast majority of you use the Goodeats table to service app, it’s actually become more of a pain to administer for the benefit it gives. If you are late for a booking, let us know and we’ll keep it open for you, otherwise if you’re more than 10 minutes late we’ll give the table to someone else.

Our new opening hours are:

Thursday 4-7pm (longer if it is busy)

Friday 4-10pm

Saturday 2-10pm

Sunday 2-6pm (longer if it is busy)

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