We are open from 4-10pm on Thursday for Post-work Pints followed by Synth City at 7:30pm. Bring a synth, a modular rig, a drum machine, or any other electronic instrument, and either join in and jam or just listen.

On Friday we introduce Sabotage: a new night from Nexus-9 (7-11pm). Experience a sonic journey through 90s rock, metal, and emo. So join us for the sounds that define a generation. Bar opens 4pm.

This Saturday we’re delighted to announce that we are holding our annual event Room at the Inn in support of the St Paul’s Centre (6-10pm). Live music will be provided by We Are Nomad, and Tiny Pioneer. The Centre will receive 100% of all proceeds. Bar opens 2pm.

Sunday is a day of rest, so chill out at the bar and make the most of your weekend. We are open from 3-8pm.

Bangers and Buns are on the barbecue Friday and Saturday with a delicious selection of sausages and burgers (5-8pm).

Check out Live in Unit 5 for our calendar of events and On the Bar for our latest craft beer and ciders.

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